Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New pictures - brief update

We are settling in. I got home Friday nite, around 9:30 and while I still don't know where my luggage is, I am SOOO happy to be home. I did go to work yesterday. Had about a 5 hour day. It was really good to go back. It was good to see everyone, and to start thinking about something other than baby food, poo, and bottles. Although I do have to admit, I missed that while I was at work, but no so much I want to skip work today. Just thought I'd post some more pictures for you. I have not much to add yet, but I will try to keep the photos coming.

As for how Minute is adjusting, well, you look at the pictures and you tell me.

He seems very happy here, and even enjoys the pets. This kid is amazingly laid back, and is obviously pleased to be home.

(ok, these photos were taken the last day in VN, but hey, he's just this happy here too!!)


Dawn said...

WOW ~ you are back to work after 2 days?! How are you doing it...emotionally and physically? I hope they find your luggage very soon!

Susan, Matt, Mia said...

Welcome home. Hopefully your luggage shows up. It is amazing how some kids adjust like they have always been there.


mary mary said...

Hi There - I was your apronswap swapper ages ago when this little one was still just a hope - I was wondering how your adoption went and I am thrilled to see that you have this precious child in your life. Congrats!!! Mary

Emily said...

so glad yall are home. lets please get the kids together soon!

Anonymous said...

hi minh