Sunday, August 03, 2008

Random Pix and Stuff and Things

I have been up 2 hours, but have spent all morning doing what I generally do these mornings: Play with baby, change diaper on baby, giggle more with baby, wait until baby throws fit, get up and feed baby (sometime this even happens BEFORE the fit pitching), play more with baby...change baby AGAIN.... He's be great today. He finally got enough sleep last night - I think. This morning he's been all giggles and grins. In fact, he's running around in the nuddy, and I took a few pix, but won't post them... I do have to mention, that I think that he might have a career that involves film ahead of him. This child sees a camera and the charm and poses he puts on KILL ME!! Well, y'all have seen a few of the poses. Just wait until you meet him in person; you will see what I mean.

Ok, so we went to a park and T did some yoga on this tree. HE drew a crowd of kiddos, but I didn't get them in this picture, obviously.

Today is our last appointment. YEAH!!! Tomorrow will be spent poking a round a little more, then wednesday will be packing and final prep for LEAVING! Whoo-hoo! I can not WAIt to get back home to my dog. And work. Oh, and of course my birds.....and bed. And last, but not least, U.P.! More later after I've done something OTHER than change a dirty nappy.


grumple phil said...

he's cute. i'm sleepy. come home!

Anonymous said...

This kid has more outfits than I do.
Good to see him smiling again. I second UP's constant refrain: COME HOME