Saturday, August 02, 2008

So tired

I am dragging. I still haven't kicked my sinus "thing" and the city (not to mention the feather bed I'm sleeping in ... yes, I am highly allergic to feathers) is making it worse. T's been fantastic about taking the little critter so I can rest up on some of the worst parts of the day. Today was a nice one, although being out in the city makes me feel worse. We spend all morning just walking around Hanoi; the lake, the HCM museum ground, some other nice places... Minute was AWESOME. He was just a champ. I'm the one dragging everyone down these days. I'm not sleeping well, not eating well, and I've been dealing with an upset stomach... (this is why you almost never see me in pictures. I really do look like hell, but I really am here...I know you might begin to have your doubts.). Listen to me grouse. Ok, I'm done. Now on to other nicer things!!

Ok, some nice pictures. For once I DIDN'T get Minh mugging for the camera. He was sleepy, and T and I were trying to eat lunch, so he was displeased. In fact, our nice waitress (see photo) offered to take him so T and I could eat. In fact, if you must know, I started crying. I just couldn't take it. She just walked off with him and I had all these crazy feelings. T was great. He didn't laugh at me or anything. He just offered to get M back. No, no. I sniffled. It's ok.... it was, of course. He was a huge hit. But finally he got tired of waiting for us to finish lunch and we had to go. He's SURE we were walking just for his pleasure and he wanted no part of us relaxing for lunch!! There were places to go, people to see, things to throw his toys at!!!

Today was really cool. We took off down the street and immediately came to a little hole-in-the-wall (well, hole in the ally, really) where there appeared to be a little shop, but when we ducked in, it was really a whole "underground" fresh-foods market. All tucked away into this crazy alley all under cover and the walk way between stalls was roughly 3 feet wide...we were CONSTANTLY moving over to let the scooters past! In this market they sold all kinds of fresh fruits, veggies, meats (I had a REALLY hard time walking though that part. EEEEK. Sorry, no pictures of THAT!), ooh, and eggs of all kinds, including the buried eggs that are covered in mud. Really cool - except the meat part.

Then we walked by a lake with a pagoda in the middle of it. Saw some cool sites, kept walking, and puttered around. It was a long day - we walked for hours. Little man JUST now (at 5:15) sacked out, but he fell asleep during his dinner! He MUST be worn out. I even got my nap in before he did!

Ok, tomorrow I'll be out at Hoa Long bay all day, but should be back in time to post all about it for y'all to read the same day!! The time change is funny that way. It's only 6:15 a.m. where you are (if you live in NC's time zone), so you get to hit the ol' blog while I get to hit the hay. Enjoy MORE photos of the Minute, and I even snuck a few of the city it.


hyper uncle P said...

thousand year old eggs! really cool and gross all at once.

dude THAT'S MY ONESIE! for those of you that are unaware, at the baby shower they made onesies. well i was home (probably drunk, it was the weekend) and they had extras. so i sat down and made three of those things. that one is is one of them. look how ripped he is. that is so cool. i have a tiny connection with him before he gets here. your crazy uncle phil made that just for you mihnit. you look so buff.

i can't wait till you guys get home. i'm taking that friday off so i can hang out with the mihnit (and you guys too, sure) i'm getting so excited. i talked to nikki last night and she's very excited too. COME HOME! COME HOME! we want to meet the little guy. post more videos. and come home.


BMA said...

I've been wondering who walked Minh around to keep him asleep before he met you two? PROBABLY NO ONE!
Folks, he SO has you wrapped around his sweet little finger! You are going to have to learn to let him cry and fuss some. (But don't ever let ME catch him crying!!)

Betty Stoddard said...

You know the right things to say... 'course Minh will never cry or be unhappy when you are present....or me as a kinda-substitute when WV calls you back home.

Tod & 'Nesha, tis all in being new mommy & daddy (oops, the other way 'round)

Now I'm going to look at Uncle Phil's onesie....he may be claimin' my work for his!

I've just gotten in from 4 days in the NC mountains...and came right to the computer. Indeed priorities are priorities!

Minh's pictures are so great! And so is the city.

More love...Gr'Bets

Kathryn said...

i know you're so worn out on all levels. hang in there - you're doing great. you'll be home soon and feeling better. just cry whenever you need to. :)
p.s. when exactly will you be back? don't worry, i won't come over until you say it's ok.