Friday, September 26, 2008

Company this weekend

We have the G-P's coming this weekend. Pappa John, and Gramma Bug. My folks have met the Minute once immediately after we came home, and then, we spent a week with them at the beach this month. This will be the first time T's folks will get to meet the Minute. They will have a uniquely different experience than did my folks for a number of reasons. The biggie is my man Minh WALKS now. Last week he started, and this week it is all about the walking (see the picture!!). So, that's definitely different. Also, he's cutting 3 or 4 teeth (poor little fellow), and is crabby as hell much of the time (although he woke up happy today, TG!). And finally, when we were at the beach, Little Dude talked non-stop. Now, he talks less these days; mainly I think, b/c he's focused on walking. But he LOVES LOVES LOVES music, and that hasn't changed, so everyone will have gotten to enjoy seeing him buggie-oogie to music. YAY!

Well, back to work, but will let y'all know how it goes! happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

The joy on that child's face is remarkable: Joy at walking, joy at being in a new, safe, loving home; Joy at making new discoveries every day. Surely his joy is contagious and you and Tod must be proud, loving and HAPPY.