Monday, September 22, 2008

Kiddo update

My kid walks. He just stood up one day and walked across the bedroom. That was 2 days ago, and now he walks all over the place. So he gets into 4 times as much trouble. He is also cutting 3 new teeth. Most of the time he's wonderful, but then he switches over to the Tazminhian devil in a second... then back to Mr. Wonderful. He's an incredible hand-full, and while he hasn't gained any weight since we came home (!!!) he eats CONSTANTLY. He still eats almost everything, but has very slowly begun to get pickier. UNLESS I'm eating it, and then he will eat it - or BEG for it. Like my coffee. Every time I try to drink a cup of coffee, little man wants it. In fact, the other day I was trying to have a nice conversation over coffee with a friend, and Minh wanted my coffee SO BAD he started to pitch a fit when I wouldn't't give it to him. He just sat back an waited until I set my cup down, and he grabbed it spilling it EVERY WHERE. If he couldn't have it, then apperantly no one can!

I'm still exhaused. I've been doing better, but yesterday and today have kicked my ass. I have SO MUCH WORK to do, and I have been having a hard time chooseing between sleep and work these days. So, about every other night I work, and the other nights I sleep. Sadly, I am still behind in work, and sleep... Oh, well, I'll stop. This was a Minute Man update, not a tired-Mom update. (Have I mentioned how damn tired I am??!!).

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