Friday, September 05, 2008

Minh Pix to feed the need* updated

We had our Follow-up visit with our social worker Wednesday. I had an experience that I will relate now, but warning, this might get graphic.

So, anyone who has kids will appreciate this story: The social worker comes up to my door the other night...Minh is all dressed up for the visit, you know, in NICE clothes. The house is in order, the dogs are being well behaved... She walks IN THE DOOR, and I say to her "hello! Meet our son." She looks at him, and says hello, and in that very instance, Mr. M. makes the BIGGEST mess (in his diaper, on himself, on his clothes, on his Mom...) we have ever had... I had to excuse myself on the spot and change him, and myself. I was mortified, but the social worker took it all in stride. My son has impeccable timing!


mimi lam said...

This kid has too too much cuteness, he probably draws lots of attentions from strangers. He is going to be a ladykiller,his Mama will have a hard time to keep girls from chasing him.

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and get back to your readers b/c you got my interest up about the graphic experience!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, that is not that bad!!!! All kids poop, girl, you know that....BUT not all poop with timing like M!!!!!!!! Welcome to motherhood, girlie.....I have even literally picked up poop balls off the floor after they fell out of the diaper!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW.....BUT we do what we must for our kids, right??? LOL