Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some random cuteness

Here are a few quick pix for those of you dying for some new pictures... are you tired of them yet??

We just got home from a week at the Outer Banks. We had fun; mainly Minh had a BLAST. He had 6-8 adoring adult fans the ENTIRE TIME...needless to say, he loved it. What he didn't love, however, was the car ride. He was ok on the way out (he slept MOST of the time), but the way home was awful. He only slept about 1/4 of the trip, and then screamed for about the last 1/2 of the trip. I thought he would sleep the whole way, since we left in the late afternoon, and he had only had a short nap earlier in the day. But no. He wanted no part of sleeping, even after it got dark. Basically we fed him to keep him quiet. When whatever it was was no longer in his mouth, he'd scream. I ran out of finger foods for him (snacks like cheerios, Goldfish, etc.), and moved on to banana (which I try NOT to feed him in the car since he maks a big mess with it!). Eventually he got bored with eating too... anyway, the trip itself was good - and I'll post some beach pix as soon as I get them uploaded. Until then, you are stuck with these - taken in the beach house (the two w/ other people are my brothers).

How did he like the beach, you might ask? Well, the first time he hated the water, the sand, and basically everything about the beach. Eventually he got to enjoy the Sound, and by the last day, I think he had come to an understanding with the sand on the beach. I'd guess next year will be more fun for him ON the beach. This time, he defintly prefered being in the house with his adoring fans. Oh, and playing with his bucket and shovel IN the house!!

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mimi lam said...

With all his adorableness personality, hansomness, how can any adult resists his charms, he is a very photogenic kid, thank you for the lovely pictures, welcome back.