Monday, September 29, 2008

Totally random post thoughts

Not surprisingly, we had a very nice weekend. Minute Man wasn't feeling all that well (he is cutting 4 teeth and now appears to have fall allergies - just like his Mama!), but he was of course, wonderful. We had a very nice visit, and took M and his Grand P's to the farmer's market, out to see MY golf course, and on a nice long walk around the neighborhood. Everyone was great company (except possibly me), and in fact, the visit and my weekend, was too short.

On a personal note, I'm BURIED under work these days and had to take a few hours this weekend to go to the office. BUT, I've been working more "normal" hours and this seems to work better for everyone involved (except me. and people who want MORE work FROM me). I'm getting better at just "hanging out" with the Minute. He's really a lot of fun, and now that the weather has changed to a reasonable 70-something most days, we spend more time outside with my chickens, playing with the dogs, or just playing in the grass. (Yes, he FINALLY has come to accept grass!!). We are getting better at having a schedule (something that is hard for me, as I hate schedules), and I find that M is really settling in well. He REALLY loves the pets. The dogs are not his favorite, which I thought they would be. It turns out he's a cat person! Although, the cats don't necessarily love him! His favorite thing is to "pet" them with the TV remote. heh.

Anyway, I'm still getting a feel for "motherhood", and as I have told my therapist over and over, I still don't FEEL like a Mom (whatever THAT means), but I do feel like I'm getting the hang of balancing my life better, and even managed to see a girlfriend this weekend for a few hours! I hope to slowly integrate more "social-life" into my life as I begin to feel more and more like a person again. As some of you may know, I'm still dealing with something I "picked up" in Vietnam, and have been sick for the last few months (LONG story, but basically, one thing kind of lead to another, then that cleared up, but that led to something else...and so-on and so-forth...). This week I think I am FINALLY beating EVERYTHING and am BEGINNING to feel like myself again. This can only be a HUGE step in the right direction for me physically and emotionally as well.

Lastly, Minh had his second pediatrician appointment two weeks ago. We were surprised to find this kid who eats like a horse, hasn't gained any weight yet. But, he has been growing taller. He's FINALLY out of the 3-6 month clothes and into his 9 mo. clothes!! Although the 9 mo. pants are still too big 'cause M has NO BUTT to hold the pants up!! But, if I fold them over, then at least he doesn't trip on them!!

Ok, this post is everywhere, but I finally found a little time to write, so this is what you get. I hope I haven't lost EVERYONE out there yet. At least I have tons of adorable pictures of the Minute Man to keep you interested, right??!! ;->


Anonymous said...

What are the pediatricians thoughts on why he isn't gaining weight? He looks as healthy as a horse and obviously very much taken care of.......I just wonder why he isn't gaining weight. Food for thought, I guess. No pun intended! :)

Emily said...

he is so freaking cute. glad you are all home safe and sound. let me know when you are up for a playdate. lulu and i would love it!