Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Minh half-dressed for Halloween...and Minh undressed for Halloween (with his "game face" on).... He has a cute costume for later, but you'll have to wait to see those pictures!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks Big Mama and Great Mom-Mom!

This outfit brought to you by the Seth-Clan. This sweater was hand made by my grandmother, and fits Minh beautifully. It is so cute on him, and it is easily his favorite sweater. Now that it's so cold outside, I'm so pleased to be using it!! The tiedye is of course from my folks. Another favorite!! (oh, and the pants, STILL 3-6 month pants! Little fellow still has no butt!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'll be with you in a Minute....

The Minute Man works at Mom's new desk....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

How is it Sunday night already???

I am moving into my new office this weekend. I'm up to my ears in extraneous papers, misc. books, and the detritus that accumulates when you've been in one place for just over 2 years. I'm going from a cubby with a modest little desk and one book case to my very own REAL office with a HUGE L-shaped desk, a book case, a filing cabinet, a door, and 4 real walls - oh, and a new computer, too!! I even got to pick the paint colors. T and the Minute were in here yesterday helping me move. I have an adorable picture of Minute sitting at my desk, banging away on my key-board. It looks just like he's working! I'll post it as soon as I upload the pictures to my computer. So, I've been here a few hours each day this weekend trying to get settled in so that I am ready to roll tomorrow a.m. Yikes. I hope I can find everything!!

We've had a nice weekend, for the most part. Everyone was home all weekend, and the Minute was in his usual stellar and wonderful mood. He did get a little grumpy today after Meeting/church, but a nap cleared that right up. We find it truly difficult to get much done with Mr. Minh running all over the house and getting into new things every day, but I think we are making progress. The laundry is finally all done from last week, and even put away! (An amazing feat, actually). We've all eaten "real food" most of the weekend, the dishes are clean and put away, and the dogs have been walked.

I still get frustrated with the pace of my life these days, but I try to recall that it will get better, and as Minute gets bigger, it will get easier to adjust. His language is still "behind" and I am sure he'll be happier (as will I) when he starts telling me what he wants instead of fussing at random times. We both get frustrated, although with this I am also doing better. He points to what he wants almost all the time, and if I show him something and it isn't what he means, he simply shakes his head "no" until I get what he wants. So, I guess his communication is actually really good! But, I'll be glad when he can say "banana" vs. "avocado", or "juice" vs. "milk", or whatever.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still SOOO behind with communication with people out-side my immediate circle. My therapist tells me that if people truly care, they will allow me the lapse in communication, and will forgive me (and they won't give up either!). I haven't talked to some of my (formerly) favorite people in months. I wonder how many of them will continue to keep in touch and how many will fade away... This concerns me greatly, but at the same time, I have NOTHING left a the end of my days for phone calls, email, or anything else. So, if you are one of those people who love us, and I haven't returned your calls, well, dont' give up. I have a 16 month old I'm still learning to parent, a seriously full-time job, and occationally, myself to take care of.... Just keep trying, or at least, send a card!! I'll be back into it soon, I hope!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting bigger

(dont' these looks just kill you?! He's so funny when I bring out the camera these days!!)

My little Minute Man is getting bigger. He has grown .25" and gained one whole pound since August. The biggest change has come in the fact that on Gottcha Day he had 4 teeth, he cut one while we were coming home, and then had 3 front ones come in recently and NOW, my friends, the little duder has a molar or two coming in. Lots o' teeth.

He's still just WONDERFUL. In fact, the other day, he curled up in my lap and snuggled for an hour. He wasn't feeling well, I think, and it was great to just hang out w/out him breaking anything, flushing the toilet 1000 times, "feeding" the dogs, or escaping though the dog door... we just snuggled. It was awesome.

He's added words to his vocab too. Still not the ones I'd expect (food, drink, more, etc). But he know says "Out" ('cause I'm always telling this to the dogs!), book, button (go figure!), uh-oh (which is ADORABLE!), and a few misc. things. His favorite word(s) remains "Bawk Bawk, Chicken". Said with either a ? at the end as in "can we go see the chickens?" or an ! like, "there are the chickens!!".

I have some videos I need to put up still. Mainly of him dancing. It's HILARIOUS. Now, when I want to make Uncle Phil laugh I just "do the Minh". Sometime I'll find time to up-load them. Right after I call everyone back I need to return calls to (like, everyone!), and re-organise my summer/winter wardrobe, finish a book for fun, and cook REAL food....

Anyway, my little man is the best little man around! If you don't belive me, come meet him!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Minh does E.T.

Not many pix of the little duder these days. Well, I take plenty, but this is how most of them turn out... He has tuned in the camera, and as such, RUNS for it every time I get it out. I have finger smudges on the lens, and many MANY blurry photos. Plus, I need to send my camera in for a "tune up" (or what-ever they do to them to make them work right if they aren't). So, b/c I'm also having issues with it, no great pictures. Lots of silly ones tho'. I'll post a few of those soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Minh pictures and an update

This kiddo is so much fun. I've got tons and tons of pictures to share, but can only spend so much time uploading photos to the ol' bog, you know? In fact, some of my favs haven't made it on the blog b/c they aren't really "good" photos, but they are hilarious and remind me of something silly he did, or a look I love. Maybe I'll have a "one-off" picture parade next week. That will require a little time, b/c I'd have to write up "lables" for each picture. I think I can manage that.

Here are a few of the recent ones. You can tell 1) he's walking like a champ, and 2) he's had a cold and is/was cutting teeth. There is a LOT of drool and snot in some of these, but look how happy Minute looks!! And he is. Just the happiest kid on the planet. The only time he gets not-happy is when he's hungry and not being fed fast enough, or occationally when he's tired and needs sleep. But hose times are rare, and most of the time he's just so damn cute and a real joy to be around.

He's been walking for 2 weeks. He's gotten much better and has now (just yesterday, it seems) has started working on his talking again. He can say quite a bit, really. He knows/says all the pets (Chicken, dog, cat, Uncle Phil), and some other random words (hello, more, book, ma-ma, da-da). Interestingly he dosen't say a few that I would think of as important, such as: food, drink, GIVE ME THAT YUMMY LOOKING THING YOU ARE EATING RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.... that last one is coming very soon..... but he understands lots more than he speaks. His comprehension seems to be very good, so the language will come.

He also dances to music. I have video I need to share on this. It is fantastic. Sadly, I can't get TOO much of it on video, however, b/c I start laughing uproariously and he comes running over to me to hug me. But, I'm telling you, it is SOOOO worth checking out the video when I FINALLY manage to get it up.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post a little update on the Minute Man. And if you still didn't get the hint: Minh is just wonderful. (And damn cute too!!)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Texas, here I come

I left today for a conference in TX. I got some good play time in with my Minute Man, though, before I had to go!!! I'm sure gonna miss him!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My uber great kiddo and my little red dog - plus update on work week

Work is slowly getting better this week. I get to work on my golf course this afternoon, and that ALWAYS makes me happy. All Monday - yesterday I've been STUCK AT MY DESK. It's a total mess, and I am covered in papers... I need some sunshine and fresh air!!!!!!! Either way, things are looking up; tomorrow is Friday!! And I think I'll take the weekend OFF!

Today might have also gotten better b/c I sneeked (snuck?) home before lunch to see that little dude up in that picture. I got to see him for about 35 minutes before I had to go back to my cave. I mean office. Brightened my day!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Crappy work dayz

Today, I want nothing more than to go home and sit on the floor and watch Minute feed Goldfish to the dogs..... A new day has dawned. Today, and yesterday, I HATE WORK. I need a day off.