Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting bigger

(dont' these looks just kill you?! He's so funny when I bring out the camera these days!!)

My little Minute Man is getting bigger. He has grown .25" and gained one whole pound since August. The biggest change has come in the fact that on Gottcha Day he had 4 teeth, he cut one while we were coming home, and then had 3 front ones come in recently and NOW, my friends, the little duder has a molar or two coming in. Lots o' teeth.

He's still just WONDERFUL. In fact, the other day, he curled up in my lap and snuggled for an hour. He wasn't feeling well, I think, and it was great to just hang out w/out him breaking anything, flushing the toilet 1000 times, "feeding" the dogs, or escaping though the dog door... we just snuggled. It was awesome.

He's added words to his vocab too. Still not the ones I'd expect (food, drink, more, etc). But he know says "Out" ('cause I'm always telling this to the dogs!), book, button (go figure!), uh-oh (which is ADORABLE!), and a few misc. things. His favorite word(s) remains "Bawk Bawk, Chicken". Said with either a ? at the end as in "can we go see the chickens?" or an ! like, "there are the chickens!!".

I have some videos I need to put up still. Mainly of him dancing. It's HILARIOUS. Now, when I want to make Uncle Phil laugh I just "do the Minh". Sometime I'll find time to up-load them. Right after I call everyone back I need to return calls to (like, everyone!), and re-organise my summer/winter wardrobe, finish a book for fun, and cook REAL food....

Anyway, my little man is the best little man around! If you don't belive me, come meet him!!

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Anonymous said...

How DARE you make my grandson grouchy? Obviuosly it was your fault. He is too happy 98% of the time to make such a terrible face without provocation! But he's still a cutie.