Sunday, October 26, 2008

How is it Sunday night already???

I am moving into my new office this weekend. I'm up to my ears in extraneous papers, misc. books, and the detritus that accumulates when you've been in one place for just over 2 years. I'm going from a cubby with a modest little desk and one book case to my very own REAL office with a HUGE L-shaped desk, a book case, a filing cabinet, a door, and 4 real walls - oh, and a new computer, too!! I even got to pick the paint colors. T and the Minute were in here yesterday helping me move. I have an adorable picture of Minute sitting at my desk, banging away on my key-board. It looks just like he's working! I'll post it as soon as I upload the pictures to my computer. So, I've been here a few hours each day this weekend trying to get settled in so that I am ready to roll tomorrow a.m. Yikes. I hope I can find everything!!

We've had a nice weekend, for the most part. Everyone was home all weekend, and the Minute was in his usual stellar and wonderful mood. He did get a little grumpy today after Meeting/church, but a nap cleared that right up. We find it truly difficult to get much done with Mr. Minh running all over the house and getting into new things every day, but I think we are making progress. The laundry is finally all done from last week, and even put away! (An amazing feat, actually). We've all eaten "real food" most of the weekend, the dishes are clean and put away, and the dogs have been walked.

I still get frustrated with the pace of my life these days, but I try to recall that it will get better, and as Minute gets bigger, it will get easier to adjust. His language is still "behind" and I am sure he'll be happier (as will I) when he starts telling me what he wants instead of fussing at random times. We both get frustrated, although with this I am also doing better. He points to what he wants almost all the time, and if I show him something and it isn't what he means, he simply shakes his head "no" until I get what he wants. So, I guess his communication is actually really good! But, I'll be glad when he can say "banana" vs. "avocado", or "juice" vs. "milk", or whatever.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still SOOO behind with communication with people out-side my immediate circle. My therapist tells me that if people truly care, they will allow me the lapse in communication, and will forgive me (and they won't give up either!). I haven't talked to some of my (formerly) favorite people in months. I wonder how many of them will continue to keep in touch and how many will fade away... This concerns me greatly, but at the same time, I have NOTHING left a the end of my days for phone calls, email, or anything else. So, if you are one of those people who love us, and I haven't returned your calls, well, dont' give up. I have a 16 month old I'm still learning to parent, a seriously full-time job, and occationally, myself to take care of.... Just keep trying, or at least, send a card!! I'll be back into it soon, I hope!!

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Kathryn said...

no spare time here either. cc isn't sleeping well in his crib anymore, and i'm often holding him for naps (holding him a lot during waketime as well), so needless to say i can't get anything done. i'm trying to let go of that notion and just enjoy all these tender moments with him, but of course there are days that i feel really frustrated. i cannot find even a slither of time to post to my blog and am actually thinking about giving it up. we'll see. life will only get busier come february. i hope i'm still able to at least brush my teeth!

october was crazy busy with 3 trips. i think we're home for good until well after baby girl is born. if you think of us on a day off again, please call about coming over. cc loves having visitors. i can't believe it's been so long since we visited. i've thought of you guys often.

well, i best get back to laundry while chris is here - and start watching election coverage. so exciting!