Friday, October 10, 2008

Minh pictures and an update

This kiddo is so much fun. I've got tons and tons of pictures to share, but can only spend so much time uploading photos to the ol' bog, you know? In fact, some of my favs haven't made it on the blog b/c they aren't really "good" photos, but they are hilarious and remind me of something silly he did, or a look I love. Maybe I'll have a "one-off" picture parade next week. That will require a little time, b/c I'd have to write up "lables" for each picture. I think I can manage that.

Here are a few of the recent ones. You can tell 1) he's walking like a champ, and 2) he's had a cold and is/was cutting teeth. There is a LOT of drool and snot in some of these, but look how happy Minute looks!! And he is. Just the happiest kid on the planet. The only time he gets not-happy is when he's hungry and not being fed fast enough, or occationally when he's tired and needs sleep. But hose times are rare, and most of the time he's just so damn cute and a real joy to be around.

He's been walking for 2 weeks. He's gotten much better and has now (just yesterday, it seems) has started working on his talking again. He can say quite a bit, really. He knows/says all the pets (Chicken, dog, cat, Uncle Phil), and some other random words (hello, more, book, ma-ma, da-da). Interestingly he dosen't say a few that I would think of as important, such as: food, drink, GIVE ME THAT YUMMY LOOKING THING YOU ARE EATING RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.... that last one is coming very soon..... but he understands lots more than he speaks. His comprehension seems to be very good, so the language will come.

He also dances to music. I have video I need to share on this. It is fantastic. Sadly, I can't get TOO much of it on video, however, b/c I start laughing uproariously and he comes running over to me to hug me. But, I'm telling you, it is SOOOO worth checking out the video when I FINALLY manage to get it up.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post a little update on the Minute Man. And if you still didn't get the hint: Minh is just wonderful. (And damn cute too!!)

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