Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks Big Mama and Great Mom-Mom!

This outfit brought to you by the Seth-Clan. This sweater was hand made by my grandmother, and fits Minh beautifully. It is so cute on him, and it is easily his favorite sweater. Now that it's so cold outside, I'm so pleased to be using it!! The tiedye is of course from my folks. Another favorite!! (oh, and the pants, STILL 3-6 month pants! Little fellow still has no butt!)


BMA said...

It must be the onesie, but he sure is cute!

Anonymous said...

Gush!!! OMG!!!! My life has been SO incredibly hectic with my own two "not so little anymore ones" I have not read your blog since spring! What a change in your life!! I am SO happy for you!!! He is so beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I would email, but for some reason can't find your email address. Give a hug to him from me!