Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Always a little behind

As usual, I'm running a little behind on everything. BUT, things are going well. We've FINALLY gotten MM sleeping better at night which means I sleep better at night (we co-sleep, so when he doesn't sleep well, Mama doesn;t sleep well!).

Thought I'd mix the pictures up a bit (so you didn't think I only showed Mr. M at his very cutest... although he is ALWAYS at his cutest, so, there you are!). Here are a few quick pix of Mr. M hanging out outside the other day. the weather has been unseasonably cool, but we try to get some Vitamin D when we can. The backyard is a great place to hang these days, and Minute Man loves to move buckets of rocks and sticks around, empty them out, re-fill them, etc. He digs the out of doors! And now, we can have the chickens AND the dogs outside all at the same time, so the whole "family" can have a nice day hanging out in the yard.

On a totally unrelated note, sadly, our adoption agency just folded. We got in and out just in time, and I don't know what the rest of the families who are in the process of adopting are going to do. Vietnam isn't opening any time again soon. Guatemala is closed, as are many other "big" countries. As y'all likely know, China isn't "closed" per say, but many agencies aren't accepting any more applicants... I am in constant fear that our China agency will close; in fact, when we chose our China agency, I wanted a big agency for many other reasons, but had no CLUE things would get so bad, and as it turned out, many many agencies have had to shut their doors. It never actually occurred to me that might happen. It also never occurred to me that it would take so f-ing long.... But, I am reminded that it happened for us the way it did. We have the most wonderful child on the face of the planet (don't we all?), and if Baby Magic comes to us, she comes. If not, then I will still consider myself the luckiest Mom alive. (Well, except for my mom, 'cause she got pretty lucky. LOL)

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Anonymous said...

Your boy is adorable, if you don't mind stating your agency that closed was it Commonwealth Adoptions?
So many agencies are closing and so many countries are closing down their adoption programs.