Saturday, November 15, 2008

Remember the bad old days when...

you only got to see Minute Man pix every 6 weeks or so? Of course now we are all spoiled by Mr. Cutie, an I have had a flood of emails demanding NEW MINH PIX! So, here are a few to tide you over. I have a bunch of pictures taken, but I haven't had the time to drop them to my computer, or to even SIT at my computer. Remember a few weeks ago the adorable picture of Minute sitting at my new desk? Well, I have had precious little time to sit at said desk and use fancy new computer...

I have been spending a lot more time out on my golf course, pictures to come soon, where we are all "grassed in" and now just need to plant my 3000 trees and shrubs that came in last week. It's been great fun, but an awful lot of work. Plus the designers came this past week and as usual, we took them out and showed them a rockin' good time.  We all had to take cabs home b/c we'd had so much "fun". But it was indeed my kind of fun!

Today we're chillin' at the house. The weather is a balmy 72. The windows are all open, the birddies are out back eating worms, and the puppies are relaxing anywhere the baby isn't. Minute is running around in a little Pirate onsie his Uncle Jude bought for him at the beach in september! Those pictures are cute too, if I'd only down-load them ever you can see them.

Well, I need to go. Almost nap time for my bamino, and I need a shower in a desperate way. Will try to post more pictures tomorrow!!!

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