Saturday, November 22, 2008

What an F-ing day - oh, and a picture from Halloween

Man, today was rough. The transmission in UP's car went out first thing this morning. Needless to say, that was a lousy start to the day, AND as the day progressed he' since gotten sick...and of course, depressed. Mr. M was also feeling grumpy today, and made it clearly known that he was to be held at all times, including bathroom-time for Mommers. DH was out most of the day at some hippie gathering, and when he finally got home he asked me how I was.... and frankly, I have no clue. I look like hell ('cause I dressed rapidly this morning in the closest warm clothes I had so that I could pick UP up from where his car died and I haven't changed or brushed my hair all day), I think I feel like hell too. I've not been sleeping well (although Minute HAS been sleeping better, thank goodness!), and have been utterly overwhelmed by work. Plus, to make make matters worse, I actually flipped out on my boss Friday after work, and he hasn't spoken to me since.

On the up side, I have company coming (the fam) this week and am very excited about that. My house is a disaster, but I don't even care. I have lots of coffee and plenty of room. The rest will fall into place.

So, on a completely unrelated note, I kept forgetting to post MM's picture from Halloween. So, there it is. Absolutly ADORABLE, isn't it?!! He's such a cutie!!

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Kathryn said...

hey there! i am not sleeping well and trying to get some things done. i thought I'd take a break and check your blog. i have left a few comments over the last few months - perhaps too late b/c one of your recent posts says you haven't heard from me (i think i'm who you're talking about), so i'm wondering if you didn't see those comments. it's been the easiest way for me to be in touch since i know you're not checking email, and it's difficult to make social phone calls. anyway, i think about you guys often. i'm just so busy with cc and planning for the next, who will be here in less than 3 months!, that it's really hard to make plans outside family. life has been wonderful and hard on a number of levels, and you know how hectic the holiday season is. Don't think I've forgotten about you. I just have incredibly little free time right now (so much less than when cc was younger). we're working on getting cc into more of a routine before his sister arrives. plus, we have birth classes and foster parent classes, and so the free time i have is spent. please don't forget about us!