Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More pix to brighten your day

Ok, I know EVERYONE'S kids are cute - of course they are! But seriously, this kiddo is terminally adorable. He still hams for the camera, making it both difficult to take a good picture (despite what y'all say!! - and thank you for that), and easy to take a good photo. 

We are doing really well these days. Minute and i spent ALL DAY this past Saturday together and just hung outside (those pix are really cute too, and I'll load them tomorrow or the next day). the weather has been so nice here that hanging outside playing in the dog food, or working in the chicken coop, or whatever has been really easy. He gets such a kick out of the out-of-doors, which is GREAT seeing as you may or may not remember his first brush with the outside/grass (he screamed bloody murder)... now, he goes out the dog door any time he feels the need to go outside and he isn't being taken out fast enough. It's great fun, and he sure loves his chickens!!! so if he is banned from escape from the dog door, he'll ask to go outside by asking "bawk, bawk?". 

His vocabulary is getting so much better, and his signing is also pretty good. He's just become a great little guy. 

Anyway, life is good these days.


Anonymous said...

Best of wishes for the coming new year. May your family be blessed with bountiful goodness! You deserve it.

Kathryn said...

Glad to hear all is well. Happy new year!