Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What the...? SNOW?!

We woke up (disgustingly) early this morning and there was an air of a holiday. Almost like Christmas morning, but not quite...more like a snow day! And that was before we even looked out the window. Sure enough, my little Minute Man somehow just KNEW that it was a snow day.

I didn't even know it was supposed to snow until late last night when I was at work and got an email message about classes being on a 2 hout delay. I checked the weather and sure enough, they were predicting snow. When I left work it was raining, so I knew if the temperature got colder, it really would snow. No one told Minute this, however, and yet, somehow the little dude knew. His first snow experience was not exactly his favorite (See first picture). But, by about 10 minutes into it, he started to enjoy himself. Then, well, he was ready to be done with it. My dog, on the other hand, LOVES the snow. She might look a little insane; that's how much she loves the snow. Poor northern-breed dog never gets to see it since I made her live in the south...but at least she gets to play in it once in a while. Like today!

My MIL gave MM a "snowman making kit - just add snow" for X-mas, and i laughed b/c while it was a very cool and thoughtful gift, I expected him to be 5 before he got to use it, but this snow is PERFECT for building a snowman. Maybe I'll remember to take some photos of that too. 

Well, for now I'm going to head back outside and play with the snow some more...then I'm going to camp out with some hot co-co and my computer and get some work done. Y'all enjoy your day.

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