Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow, has it really been almost 6 months?!

Then and now. What an amazing transformation my life has taken. Here is a glimpse of a picture from one of our first days, and present day. Look at how much my little man has grown and blossomed. What a wonderful experience this is...

And, to those of you still waiting, I HATED it when a-p's told me "oh, once they come home you will totally forget the pain of the wait..." and I found that told myself that they must be NUTS! but you know what? They were right. We waited a LONG and painful 3 years to bring our little one home. The time has melted away and now I can't imagine my life with out the Minute Man. He is truly one of my favorite people, and he is an AMAZINGLY wonderful human being. I am sad sometimes when I think about the family that had to choose to leave him in a hospital b/c they couldn't care for him/feed him/etc. We will never get to share his pictures with his Vietnamese family. His birth mother will not have the chance to see his dimples, hear his laugh, or kiss his chubby (and very kissable) cheeks... How very lucky I am, and if you are out there, M's Birth-Mama, thank you for allowing me to be part of this little man's life.

The wait was definitely worth it. And you know what? I rarely think about the wait anymore. Besides, there is FAR too much laundry to do to dwell on that!

and now:

And finally, thank you to ALL of you out there who are still following the ol' blog. Thank you for your comments, your attention, your emails, and your interest. You mean a lot to me too!

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Anonymous said...

Well we love the blog and I am sure I will love Minh when we eventually meet. You both are very lucky to have found each other.