Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back from vacation and some random cute pix

Who leaves the beautiful South to go to the freezing Yankee World Up-North on vacation in february???? Well, we did. We just spent a week at my folks' farm and had a really nice time (other than the MM got very sick with his first - in our care - fever). I have lots of good pictures, but haven't had the chance to upload them. In fact, I have a ton of cute cute cute pictures (go figure), but those will have to wait. 

We are all doing well, after each one of us catching some bug I carefully fostered all the way back from NoLA (in which BTW, I had a WONDERFUL time up until I got sick). I even got to see an old friend (ok, she's not actually OLD, she's just a friend from way-back...but she IS older than I am.).  Anyway, we are back home now, and we are planning for what is to come/ or what we expect MAY come, as I said. 

Ok, well, this post was mainly to say howdy, y'all. we are back. My son is wonderful. Spring is coming (my camillia is in full bloom, and my daffies have started blooming too!). And well, for now, life is pretty good. (I mean, seriously, isn't that little critter up there ADORABLE?!)

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amy said...

Glad you are doing well. THese are wonderful pics!