Thursday, February 26, 2009

Breathing Easier

Well, we had the TEE yesterday. We got the best news we could have expected; No immediately surgery necessary. TG. And, the original surgery "fix" seems to be holding steady. Yeah! The bad news, now a different valve is going bad, and will need to be fixed. HOWEVER, we are simply in a holding pattern since it's not so bad they feel it needs to be dealt with right away. It WILL need to be fixed, of course, but we have some time to plan!

Oh, and here are some more pictures of my son being uber cute. I have so many great pictures, but so little time to drop them onto the site! Work has got me so busy, and promises to get busier, but that's good. It means good job security. In fact, I just got - this very second - a note back from an editor than one of my manuscripts has been accepted for publication. WOOOO-HOOO. (My CV is seriously in need of this additional manuscript.)

Anyway, the last I have to say is simply: COME ON SPRING!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY for good news!! I was holding my breath and hoping for the now I'm breathing easier with you guys!!

Minh is adorable. GEEZ!! How cute can a little boy get??!!!

:-) Britta

Anne said...

We are soooo pleased at this news. Extra hugs to all - it was wonderful to get together - some see us!