Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bed head

I haven't had time to post much, but I do try to keep the photos of Mr. Cute coming. This kid is so easy to photograph (as long as I stay far enough away that he can't grab the camera!), and there just isn't enough room on the internet to post all the wonderful pictures of this little fellow. Anyway, here are a few more pictures of Himself, King of Adorable.

As for what's going on around here...well, I'm doing very well. I've graduated from therapy every 2 weeks, to once a month (yeah!). I don't really need to go at all anymore since I have FINALLY started to feel better about my life as a Mom, but it is still nice to have someone listen to what ever you say no matter how silly, snarky, or selfish it is. I spent most of the time yesterday talking about well, the basic stress that occurs in ones life when ones husband is told to expect heart surgery in the very near future (a good reason in-and-of-itself to keep going to therapy) and the other thing I talked about - other than how much I love my job and my kiddo - was how jealous I was that my boss was going to London and France this week without me. He was taking his wife (go figure), and well, this isn't a work trip I have anything to do with... BUT STILL!!! They could have left me in London and I would have been happy! Anyway, I'm running the show for the next week and some change and I'm both looking forward to it and terrified!!

Lets see...what else... oh, I got 6 baby chicks!!! I'm down to 3 adult chickens and went to buy 2 new adult chickens, and came home with no adult layers and 6 chicks!! I'll get some pix this weekend to show y'all. MM loves them, as do the dogs. We call them "Dog TV", 'cause the pups can sit and stare at them for HOURS!!!!! It's really funny.

Anyway, we've had 17 degree weather today, and tomorrow it is supposed to go up to 68, and then Friday all the way up into the mid-70's. TG!!! I am so sick of this cold crappy weather. I'm desperate for some sunshine. And MM LOVES outside, so I'm sure we'll have tons more out-of-doors photos to post.

(and, on the above photos, no, that's not drool in the last picture. It's peach juice!! And how especially cute is he in that second photo!?)


Anonymous said...

Your son is just TOO CUTE for words.

Uncle Jude said...

Wow, that's just dangerously cute. Glad to hear you're doing okay. I hope to get down there sometime soon(ish), but I've been getting hammered with work this month.