Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cold, and rainy, with 100 % chance of cuteness

It's been bloody FREEZING cold and crappy rainy here. Last week was beautiful, until about Thursday when the cold moved in and the rain came... It's been 40-ish here and a solid steady rain since Friday. That didn't stop me from being out at work on an experiment we have running at a field-site about 10 minutes away. I got soaking wet yesterday, and then today I got smart and actually dressed for the weather. Then, because the weather was so nice, I spent 1.5 hours out walking my golf course. You should have seen me after I got done! Talk about a drowned rat!!! 

Anyway, I'm back home now hanging with my fav little fellow, and enjoying being inside. We are just hanging out, reading a few books, playing with various objects de kitchen, and chasing the dogs around the house.

Really, I'm just posting as an excuse to put up more MM pictures. Enjoy!!

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