Monday, May 18, 2009

Update - heart surgery

Ok, round two, folks. We have had our final meeting with the surgeon. Have surgery scheduled for mid-July. Have I mentioned how NOT excited I am by all this???? Wow does it majorly suck. DH is doing great, really. He feels a little poorly physically, no surprise there, but not too bad. and is doing well emotionally. Me? Well, I'm the opposite. Physically (other than a minor set-back this weekend due to lack of sleep) I'm good. Emotionally, well, I'm a disaster. TG for therapy.

My family (and a number of friends) has/have been wonderful. Everyone has promised to help out in some way. Mainly in the "I'll be there is and when you need help" kind of way. And I'm planning to take everyone up on it. We're turning our third "spare room" into a make-shift bedroom to make things more comfy for visitors.

Ok, well, there's your update. I don't have the energy to go too much into this right now. But feel free to call if anyone want s more info. I'm terrible with email these days; no time, no interest. Or, you can always comment on the ol' blog. Those I read religiously. I could use a good word or two....


Anonymous said...

good word, good word, good word (and many many more...)

we are sending you all the love and support we have. if you feel like driving, come and see us!

and if you want to chat, give us a call.

big big loving hugs to all of you

from A & J in cville

Judas said...

Not to worry; we're a big strong family and we can handle anything! Before you know it this will be over and you'll look back on it as another obstacle you've overcome.

Betty Stoddard said...

Good word, good word....and abundance more good words.

I'm here....holding you each and all daily in the light.

More good words come along with support and love (goodness--someone else wrote these same thoughts--so much for creativity!)

Gentle hugs of love, Betty

Jenny said...

Not much to say, we are around if you ever need some girls to beat up on the minute...