Friday, August 28, 2009

For Uncle Phil

My chickens (or at least, half of them. Elvira, Thelma, and Louise. Or maybe that's Elvira, Louise, and Thelma. I can't tell.)

MM rides the train (feet BEWARE!). This actually comes complete with train noises.... Toot-toot.

An outfit he picked out himself.... and is now threatening to show off to the neighbors.

The picture UP demanded I put up. MM and UP together.

I've been so busy these days, I haven't been blogging (as you already know, since you are STILL reading my blog!!). But I have been told to update this thing, so here it is. An update!! My son is still awesome; not exactly news, is it??!! And there you go!!

We leave for tomorrow for the beach. I'll try to remember to add new pictures from the beach; which should be wonderful since the whole fam is going. (Except UP. He's made some lame excuse about how he doesn't want to drive all the way there....)

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