Monday, September 28, 2009

Too busy to breath

MM on my golf course!!! Click to enlarge!!

My new boss just emailed me today. The email went like this:

When would you like to come over this week to discuss schedule? J and I are pretty flexible, S teaches Tue & Thur morning, and I am out Wed PM and Friday. We are ready to move in getting job description and other stuff done – maybe start Oct 1????

OMG. Can we say NOT READY???!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't shared this little gem with my current boss - who is going to have a cow (can I use that expression? It's better than the scatological alternative I was considering using!!). He was expecting me to leave around the first of the year..... Which is what I'd been told when I accepted the position. Um, in who's world is October 1 the first of the year??

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Uncle Jude said...

M looks GIANT in that picture. OMG! He's going to step on that building.