Monday, October 26, 2009

Braving the State Fair

MM hangs with the tractors.

At the petting zoo, which MM really enjoyed.

MM doing yoga to pass the time while we waited for a train to go past.

MM sitting by his FAVORITE thing - a tractor.

We even went together. Some guy even offered to take our picture to prove it.

I got a wild hair and decided to take the Dude to the State Fair this year. I always go but always ask myself why I've subjected myself to such a thing as soon as I get there. this year was no exception. It was also poor timing - "get-in-free-with-a-canned-good night". You can imagine the derth (and quality) of the people that were there. Plus the weather was nice. Plus it was right at dinner time, so it was like the perfect storm. It was INSANE. MM did really well, for the most part. We took him to see all the animals: chickens, pigs, sheep, ducks, cows, goats, etc. and he enjoyed them for the most part. He really liked the petting zoo (which I did not like), but his favorite thing in the world, AND at the fair, was/were the tractors. This child LOVES LOVES LOVES tractors. That GIANT grin I finally got of him up-above was because he got to hang out with the tractors.

We ate some junk food too - french fries, and icecream. There was so much fried junk we just couldn't commit. And it all looked gross, frankly. Deep fried oreos, deep fried snickers, deep fried cheese cake, deep fried icecream, deep fried twinkies... the list goes on. There was even deep fried Coke-a-Cola. Go figure. But we tried not to indulge too much. Just being there was hard enough - fighting the throngs of people... I have a whole new definition of ugly now. Not very nice, I know, but oh so true.

Anyway, the Dude enjoyed it a lot. He was vibrating by the time we got to the car to go home. Next year I think I'll take him again, of course, but only if it rains!

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Big Mama said...

I love seeing the family on an outing. Glad it all made Minh smile.