Sunday, November 22, 2009

Minute Man helps Mom get ready for work

You see how helpful MM is? He not only picked out my shoes, but he tried them out for me. Then took them for a nice bike ride....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks Mom-Mom!!!

MM's Great Grandmother sent MM a Halloween card. He LOVED the card so much he ran around all night with it saying "Mine card. No touch". In fact, he even slept with it! (yes, he got it in plenty of time for Halloween, I'm just behind posting the photo!!). Minute says "Thanks, Mom-Mom!".

Its bad when you are UPSET that its Friday because you have so much work to do that a Saturday hinders the process. Don't get me wrong, I am both very happy and very stressed that it's friday. I do have an incredible amount of work to do - although I am rapidly checking things off my "to do list" but with about one month left in my current position, I am FRANTIC to complete projects and make progress on others.

I have very little energy right now, and don't even have the energy to read! Maybe I'll just crawl in bed and spend some time with my kiddo. He's AWESOME.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Give me the Keys, Mom!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Trash Day - or is it Halloween?

In my haste to get these photos up, I put them up out of order. But, you get the idea how great this is....

("oh, look what I found in that last garbage can!!") ... just kidding! This is Minh's first candy bar!

Big Orange WasTe ManagmenT - "We are NOT associated with the Mob". GO VOLS.

MM's light saber..... I mean flashlight (for safety of course!)

Getting ready with Big Mamma.

Minute Man out on Halloween. He's an Italian Garbage Man. duh!