Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow! Really this time!

Well, what usually occurs in the winter down here in the South, we get a "snow scare" that causes perfectly sane people to lose their minds. Grocery stores run out of milk, bread, and pork rinds. Everyone buys a snow shovel, or snow-blower. Everyone starts planning to miss work/school/parties/church/etc. And then the snow DOESN'T come!

However, lastnight, it really snowed. MM saw it and wanted to go out and play in it immediately! Even before we'd had breakfast!!!!

The roads are in bad shape, but there really isn't much accumulation on the ground - well, it is a lot for the South - I'd say maybe two inches. There is enough to cover everything in snow, and make it look like there really IS SNOW out there! It must have snowed a good deal last night because it started around 8:00 pm, but wasn't snowing when I got up at 7:00 this morning. It did, however, start sleeting at about 8:30am and hasn't stopped yet (that's 4 hours straight) although that doesn't seem to be adding any accumulation.

The Dude is loving it. He even had appropriate clothes this year, which probably made him enjoy it a lot more than he did last year at this time!!


Uncle Jude said...

"Grocery stores run out of milk, bread, and pork rinds." I LOL'd.

Looks like Minute is having a great time. He always seems like he could have fun doing just about anything. What a great little guy. All I ever feel like doing on snow days is watching a movie or something. =)

Linda said...

Well, he'd better pack those same duds when he heads north next week. It's been a snowy winter.