Thursday, March 04, 2010


I lied. No pictures yet. But I will!!

So, I will try to start actually BLOGGING again, since there are still a few people out there who care... so today's post is DENTIST. Not for me, but for The Minute Man. That's right. We have been brushing MM's teeth (or he has been!) since we got home from Vietnam, but it was obvious early on that he would have "bad teeth".

The enamel on The Dude's teeth never filled in, and some of his teeth are not properly formed. Now I'm HORRIFIED to find he actually has two cavities! Poor guy!!!! The kicker is that he has a REALLY healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegges (I mean, VERY little sweets, and the Dude even eats brussel sprouts!! and he LOVES apples!!). However, he does drink a lot of soy milk, and he drinks it all night (well, he DID. We've backed off recently, but it is too late for two little baby teeth!) which I am sure contributed to the problem.

Anyway, everything else in his life is fantastic. the little guy is truly a joy, and makes me smile every day. Lots.

And, pictures will come soon. Honest!

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