Friday, March 05, 2010

Farmer Minute Man!

See, as promised: photos!!

These are from our trip to Knoxville. We visited some good friends who have a farm, and MM took right over helping on the farm.

The tractor was a HUGE hit with MM. He knew all the right gears to move, and all the right sounds to make.

He knew exactly how to feed the chickens!

We had a pretty good time. (Sorry, Britta, the only thing keeping it from having been a GREAT time was the lousy weather!!). But The Dude and the girls had a TON of fun. And while the big girls (that's me and Britta!) didn't have as much time to hang out as I would have liked, the kids had a real BLAST and they got along great.

And I got lots of pictures. YEAH!

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