Thursday, March 04, 2010

Scanning the news

Look at this! Another post (and still no pictures, I know I know!!).

My new job has me scanning the news for interesting science items which we are to blog upon. So, as a result, I am reading more news than I ever did; I'm strictly an NPR news gal and have been pretty much my entire life. BUT, as wonderful as NPR is, they don't always have what I need, so I check out other news sources looking for appropriate articles. For the kinds of stuff I am looking for, you can check out my work blog (which I do not write, TG, but help with. Check it out! Maybe even leave a nice comment!).

Now, for the purpose of this post... I've decided to start adding a few items here that I run across that I think are worth sharing. Here's my first one - and as a disclaimer, I've never seen this particular news source before, so I can't claim ANY validity. Only IRONY.

And on a TOTALLY different note, here's a nice one on "toddler-friendly gardening" I recently discovered (and helped me begin thinking about my garden this year!):

How to teach your child to tend the land without losing your mind.

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