Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Springtime photos; flowers and wildlife

I was poking around the yard the other day and just playing with my camera. I had an entourage - as you may see in some of the photos here. My yard went from dull, dull, dull, to WOW in about 3 days. Here a few of my photos...along with some photos of the "wildlife".

The Dude REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to be in EVERY shot this time. Go figure. It was only 6 weeks ago I couldn't get him to stand still for a photo. He'd yell, and throw his hand over his face (I think he was practicing to be someone very famous). Now, every time I bring out the camera he is mugging for it.

Yes, this flower IS as big as MM's head!! or at least very very close. It's beautiful, isn't it? this was a gift from my In-Laws, and it is the first year I have had it - and as such, this is the first bloom I've seen on it. It's really magnificent!

And yes, I have since fixed the hair cut!!!

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