Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Minh Man!!

The Dude spent time at the Farm last week. He had a BLAST as usual. Here are a few quick pix that I was able to grab last weekend.

And no. I know. They are not very good.

The little minor celebrity has taken a sincere dislike to the paparazzi (read: Mom and her camera) these days. He goes as far as to put the rake up in front of his face WHILE RAKING!!! so that I can't snap a photo. These are a few of the ones that you can at least TELL what a beautiful face he has... or that he even HAS a face!! I especially enjoyed when he attempted to hide behind the fox-tail grass. At least THAT was easy to see around.

Leaf jumping, a requirement in the Fall.

Let's do that AGAIN!


What's this fuzzy grass, Mommy?

Hi, Mom. Yes, I'm CUTE!

Monday, October 11, 2010

These never get old

This post could also be called: Reading is FUN (or maybe Reading is RELAXING)...

Monday, October 04, 2010


Can you STAND it?! More MM wonderful-ness. And this little dude truly is wonderful. I had a killer day the other day; no lunch-break, interview from hell (I'm hiring a post-doc, so I was doing the interviewing at least! But both candidates I interviewed were nearly 10 years my senior. I'll be their "boss"...WEIRD), spilled my coffee on my new pants, and had to drag some dead weight around to get a MAJOR report done... and that was just my morning! Anyway, I finally get home that evening, and I'm so tired and grumpy I can barely stand up, and the Dude runs into the bedroom, grabs his "B" (his quilt), and walks me by the hand into the TV room, sat me in his favorite chair, and then covered me in his "B".

"Here, Mommy. this will make you feel better.".

Then, just for good measure, he gave me a BIIIGGGGGGGGG hug.

And you know what? I felt better immediately. What a great guy!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Finally feels like Fall

Well, I have been working tons (duh!), but this weekend we spent a lot of time doing those "around the house" things that you have to do a few times a year (or, realistically, once every few years) - Clean out the attic, get rid of old - "fat" - clothes, Clean the windows, and cabinets... that sort of thing.

The Dude is a great help with these things; he LOVES to put things away, and in their rightful place (if only I could teach my husband that!). We've been having a great time these days. MM is truly a fantastic little person. As you can see!