Monday, October 04, 2010


Can you STAND it?! More MM wonderful-ness. And this little dude truly is wonderful. I had a killer day the other day; no lunch-break, interview from hell (I'm hiring a post-doc, so I was doing the interviewing at least! But both candidates I interviewed were nearly 10 years my senior. I'll be their "boss"...WEIRD), spilled my coffee on my new pants, and had to drag some dead weight around to get a MAJOR report done... and that was just my morning! Anyway, I finally get home that evening, and I'm so tired and grumpy I can barely stand up, and the Dude runs into the bedroom, grabs his "B" (his quilt), and walks me by the hand into the TV room, sat me in his favorite chair, and then covered me in his "B".

"Here, Mommy. this will make you feel better.".

Then, just for good measure, he gave me a BIIIGGGGGGGGG hug.

And you know what? I felt better immediately. What a great guy!

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