Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Minh Man!!

The Dude spent time at the Farm last week. He had a BLAST as usual. Here are a few quick pix that I was able to grab last weekend.

And no. I know. They are not very good.

The little minor celebrity has taken a sincere dislike to the paparazzi (read: Mom and her camera) these days. He goes as far as to put the rake up in front of his face WHILE RAKING!!! so that I can't snap a photo. These are a few of the ones that you can at least TELL what a beautiful face he has... or that he even HAS a face!! I especially enjoyed when he attempted to hide behind the fox-tail grass. At least THAT was easy to see around.

Leaf jumping, a requirement in the Fall.

Let's do that AGAIN!


What's this fuzzy grass, Mommy?

Hi, Mom. Yes, I'm CUTE!

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DTA clothing said...

Cute little boy! Mwaahh!