Monday, November 29, 2010

More "oldies"

Some gems from the old days...

I was procrastinating at work today (which admittedly happens a lot, but I almost always do MORE work when I am procrastinating, rather than spending time on other ways like Fbook or whatever, but alas, I digress...) and ran across some very old photos of The Dude. All the way back to the days when we fist picked up our Minute Man. These are some of my FAVS. Enjoy:

If you don't feed me I will eat this onesie... then what? Huh?!

Do not even THINK of removing this from my hand. I do not yet know what it is for, but I assume it holds power.... and now I HAVE IT!

Ok, these are old but hey, they are new (to you!)

These are from May a year and some months ago, but hey, they are new to you!!