Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quilting with my Dude

So, over the Holiday break, I worked and worked and worked to get this (kind of ugly) quilt done. I used to be an avid quilter (and sew-er), but anyone who has had kids understnads how difficult it is to do anything other than simply survive... BUT, now that the Minute Man is 3.5 (can you believe it??!!), I have found that it is easier to get back to doing things I used to love doing. One of those things is reading, and of course, another is sewing/quilting.

Naturally, anything I'm doing, the Dude wants to do, so here he is quilting! He actually helped me make the entire quilt: he helped pick out the material, he ran the presser-foot when I sewed, and he cut much of the threads at the end. Now, he is helping me finish the quilt by actually quilting! (The other jobs he did a really good job. However, he is not as good at the quilting part, but hey, he's happy, so I'm happy!)

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Big Mama said...

What a talented toddler!
thanks for the pictures.