Friday, February 25, 2011

It is now officially official

To Whom It May Concern:

We are DW Parent # 1 and DH Parent # 2. Our Log in Date was June 15, 2006. At this time we wish to close our file because when we originally chose to adopt our child from China the wait time was around 1 year. All the reports about the process were that it was straight forward and there was a need for adoptive parents and welcoming homes for orphaned girls from this country. Now, almost 5 years later we have decided to close our file. We have been disappointed with the process, the lack of information, and the incredibly painful lengthening wait times. As a family, we have moved on. We adopted a little boy three years ago and we are more than thrilled with our son, and are not willing to continue the painful process of a China adoption. Thank you for your cooperation in terms of this matter.


Lucky parents to a WONDERFUL little fellow from Vietnam and not-realized parents to what I am sure is a beautiful baby girl whom we have always called Baby Magic, where ever you are.


I got ANOTHER call from our (former) China agency today. We are LITERALLY the next match group for LID June 2006 for China. It is a day that so many years ago I dreamed of, hoped for, and wished on. Now all it does is remind me of all the things wrong with the whole damned adoption system. I am not interested in going into it here, and I don't care if you are reading this and you do not agree or understand (it's my blog, either enjoy it or go away). A process that should have brought joy and happiness has only brought pain and a HUGE debt. Although, to be perfectly fair, without the painful and VERY LONG wait for the China adoption, there would have been no Vietnam adoption. Without the Vietnam adoption there would be no "Mr. Wonderful". And he really really really really is WONDERFUL.

Reading to the Cat

My little Dude LOVES to read. (Remember the pictures of the MM on the can?) Well, so no one gets the wrong impression; the Dude likes to read EVERYWHERE. Here he's sharing his new book with our cat (who is actually blind, so, you know, she can't read at all...).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Safety FIRST!

Anyone who knows the Minute Man will believe this story, and those of you who don't know him, well, this is just how he is!

So, we were having movie night (again) and as per the routine, we get our 'jammies on and then we make popcorn. MM is sensitive to loud noises (leaf blowers, my sewing machine, the juicer... you get it) and I guess he felt that the popcorn maker was also too loud. Without warning, as soon as we plugged the popcorn popper in, he darted off to his toy room. THIS is how he came back:

My child is SERIOUSLY safety conscience. (And Big Mama, aren't you PROUD?!)