Sunday, February 13, 2011

Safety FIRST!

Anyone who knows the Minute Man will believe this story, and those of you who don't know him, well, this is just how he is!

So, we were having movie night (again) and as per the routine, we get our 'jammies on and then we make popcorn. MM is sensitive to loud noises (leaf blowers, my sewing machine, the juicer... you get it) and I guess he felt that the popcorn maker was also too loud. Without warning, as soon as we plugged the popcorn popper in, he darted off to his toy room. THIS is how he came back:

My child is SERIOUSLY safety conscience. (And Big Mama, aren't you PROUD?!)

1 comment:

Big Mama said...

Oh, yes, I am. BUt it doesn't take safety gear to make me proud. He is a class act all the way around. These pix are great!