Monday, March 07, 2011

Bio-terroism and Potential Agricultural threats to Food Crops Meeting

I know, I know. Y'all come to see photos of The Dude, but I am at a meeting in Texas on potential bio-terrorism threats to agriculture (specifically Plant Diseases and Insect-vectors) - although we are also discussing inadvertent introductions as well, but that's FAR less interesting - and as a result of one of the MANY discussions here I had a reason to check this website out:

Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States

I find this type of information really fascinating. The US grows TONS of cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat... you name it, but then we turn around and import tons of it as well. Long story short, the more we import, the more likely we are to introduce a nasty pest. (Plus, we should buy local anyway!!).

Oh, and because this is why you come, here's a photo of my VERY FAVORITE LITTLE FELLOW:

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