Monday, July 25, 2011

Running Errands with a Kiddo who is NOT afraid to BE HIMSELF

I read this wonderful magazine article while traveling recently. It was a one page "tips for parents" on raising "great kids". One of the tips or pieces of advice was this:

"Never be embarrassed by your children. Let them express themselves as they feel they need to, and try to encourage them to be individuals and comfortable with who they are. "

This was in the context of how they dress, or what color they color their hair, etc. It was advice that I have tried to live by, even before I saw it on paper. Case and point below: (Minute Man chose this whole outfit himself so that we could go grocery shopping. I actually go off light this day. Usually he wears one blue croc and one black croc too!)

Can you tell I'm working 4 jobs? Sub-titled: -MM is STILL WONDERFUL

Sorry, I thought I had posted new photos more recently. I'm doing WAY too much these days, but then, what's new??

Here are some new ones of my MISTER WONDERFUL!!! Here he is "hunting with his bow and arrow". (He's hunting bad Monster Trucks, just in case you were wondering. and yes, hunting in ones underpants IS THE BEST way to hunt bad monster trucks!!