Monday, July 25, 2011

Running Errands with a Kiddo who is NOT afraid to BE HIMSELF

I read this wonderful magazine article while traveling recently. It was a one page "tips for parents" on raising "great kids". One of the tips or pieces of advice was this:

"Never be embarrassed by your children. Let them express themselves as they feel they need to, and try to encourage them to be individuals and comfortable with who they are. "

This was in the context of how they dress, or what color they color their hair, etc. It was advice that I have tried to live by, even before I saw it on paper. Case and point below: (Minute Man chose this whole outfit himself so that we could go grocery shopping. I actually go off light this day. Usually he wears one blue croc and one black croc too!)


Big Mama said...

What's wrong with the outfit? It looks like a perfect go-to-grocery shopping outfit. I do recall YOUR outfits of choice at that age were usually layered, multi-colored and wholly inappropriate. :)

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