Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Pics (about a 2 months late, of course)

My son is SUCH A BOY. I have to say that I am really very liberal minded and the Minute Man could have been anything he wanted; he could have worn pink tu-tu's with purple crocks and a green bandanna (and in fact, he probably would do so if he had that tu-tu), and I would be totally fine with it. What I did not bargain for was a little boy that was, well, SUCH A BOY! If it is a truck, tractor, makes horrible loud noises, shoots something, or blows something up, my son LOVES it. He's REALLY into the Civil War books. Why? Well, the rifles and canons of course! For his birthday he got TWO plastic "star wars" guns that shoot little foam projectiles. He loves them. I think that is obvious in the photos below - the only way he'd let me take his picture is if he could pose with them.... Oh well. Better the cute face with toys than without.

ice cream and cake face!