Friday, April 06, 2007

Apron Swap - update

So, folks, remember I mentioned I joined an apron swap?? Well, I did mention it awhile ago, to be sure. Here's a refresher: Mini apron swap
I signed up for a fun and crafty (read= freakishly crafty and really really creative for everyone else but me) online apron and recipe swap. We all signed up and got "secret pals" for whom we were to make a customized themed apron (in this case, a little apron for a child) along with several favorite recipes.

I have nothing to post as of right this minute. Two reasons:

1) I am lame, and forgot the picture of my apron I made for my secret pal on my desk-top computer...I am currently separated from said computer, so y'all will have to wait to see my (little attempt at a boy's) apron. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED making it, and thought I did a good job, but WOW have I been TOTALLY out done by nearly everyone else in the swap. Y'all make really nice stuff. This was only my second ever apron, and I was making it for a boy, so I wanted something NOT girly! I liked it a lot, but I didn't have as much time to hand-make the recipe cards as I would have liked... anyway, I hope it works. I WILL post pix next week.

And 2) I haven't received my apron. I don't know who my SP is, but plan on tracking them down and stalking their blog in a hopes of catching a glimps of the apron...I'm sure it's waiting at my local PO, since there was no mail today, I'll likley get it tomorrow (I can hope!!). Until then, well, consider me drunk on the steps of this little party, and I'll join the festivites as soon as I get up off my butt... now, where did I put that bottle of gin...?

I plan on joining the next swap, and I will endevour to be more creative at this apron-making-stuff. (Actually, I have a GREAT new pattern for a fun one!! I can't wait to try my hand!!).

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