Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gone, but not forgotten

Folks, my major apologies for being on a LONG hiatus. I did in NO WAY intend to be gone for so long... it just, well, happened. Long story short, I got stranded in Califonia after a conference, and was stranded there for DAYS. It was aweful, but I am FINALLY home.

I don't have time to blog now (my DH is waiting for me to actually see him!), but check out what my super cool SOCK pal sent me while I was away. I just LOVE them!!!! Thanks so much Super cool sock sender person.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All about me post - thanks to the APRON SWAP

I've been tagged (for y'all NOT hip to Bloggy-dork land lingo, that means I have to answer these questions put to me by someone, in this case, the ladies at my apron swapage).

This is about 4 days behind (I've had a LONG work week, so forgive the late-ness!!)
1. What is your first food memory? home made apple sauce.
2. What was your favorite dish/food as a child? pizza, and Mom's spanakopita
3. Name one of your mini's favorite foods: N/A
4. What was your mini's first solid food? Did they love it or hate it? N/A
5. What was something you were excited to make for your mini for the first time?N/A
6. What is your favorite food memory? Eatting REAL food that I didn't have to cook on the 31st day of a 30 day backpacking trip - where we ran out of food - I had a cheese sandwich with fresh bread, lettuce, and (non-mouldy) cheese... DEL-ISH!
7. Your mini's birthday party : All out theme with perfect kid food ala Martha? or Quiet family home party with scrumptious cupcakes? Something in-between? More like something in between
8. Name one thing you absolutely love to make and eat when you are feeling like a kid again? grilled cheese and tomato soup
9. Name something you ate as a kid that you now look back on and wonder "what were my childhood taste buds thinking??" i have no idea
10. Name 3 things your mini loves (doesn't have to be food related):N/A


The house warming party was a HUGE sucess. Rest assured, a good time was had by all...as I think you can tell by the piss-poor pictures.

"Evil cat, you DON'T get my beer. Go get your OWN #&%! beer..."

Uncle Phil relaxes (passes out with?) with Ede.

This is Will's boom stick...

Oh no we aren't going to let you win THAT easy!

Will wants to know "Is Victoria CHEATING"?? while Victoria tries her Jedi mind tricks to shut him up...

Oh, NO! She wasn't!! And she was unstoppable!! She wins the game (much to Will's surprise!) Or DOES Victoria have secret powers??

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sick day from work, but...

I'm not sick! Everyone in my office is sick, something I didn't find out until about noon today when my boss called in. I had been in the office since, well, bright and early, and no one else was there (I work in a lab with about 5-6 other people). I got REALLY bored and emailed my boss. He called to tell me he was suggesting I go home so I didn't get sick. DARN! So, I'm home now, and trying to decide what to do on my unexpected free afternoon!!

Also, I finally have a picture of my (still messy) livingroom to post. Here 'tis.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Apron swap

Here's the URL for the uber cool swap I joined: Apron Swap
Again, I'm totally intimidated by the other VERY good crafty ladies in the swap, but with the help of Laz today, I found some fantastic material at our local quilt shop, and I think I can do this thing tomorrow. My most recent one turned out very nicely, so this one should be even better!
(PS - I did not make the apron in the picture down below... Just in case you were wondering!!).

Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekend WIPs

So, exciting things are occuring at Chez Carley this weekend. We are nearly TOTALLY un-packed, and b/c of this, I am able to get back into sewing!! I did manage to get a little bit done over the last few weeks, but I'm out of diaper bag and little purse orders and am being brave. I signed up for an apron swap!!! I stumbled across this website (um, I don't have the URL on this computer, I'll post it later) a few weeks ago, and have been terribly nervous to join. These ladies all seem so very good at what they do!!! However, not to be put-off, I joined a mini-swap. I'm making an apron for XXXX XXXX. (oh, it's a secret. So I can't tell!!!). But, she has a cute kid, and I'm supposed to make this whip-ass apron for this adorable child, PLUS, send some cool kid-friendly recipes along with it. The aprons aren't due out until April, but I plan to finish mine this weekend (have I mentioned I am excited about sewing again!!). I had some fabrics picked out, but it turns out the fabric I chose is not going to work for this particular apron, so darn it all, I have to do some fabric shopping this weekend. What a shame. ;->

Also, I have no (that's right) NO social plans this weeend. Not one. Well, I have some TONIGHT, but that doesn't count. So, I might actually get some stuff done! With the house is such good shape, I find myself with little to keep me busy (aside form the usual reading, hanging out, etc.). I can't get out into my garden yet, as it's unreasonably cold (ok, Amma in WV with -14 might not think we have "cold" weather, but for Raleigh, it's COLD!!), so inside projects it is!!!

I also need to take some more pictures of the house. I'll try to squeeze that in too. Good times!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Top 10 things to do while waiting

So, I'm on a ton of China-adoption list serves, and a few months ago, this list came through.


* narrow down name choices (will need a name immediately after
referral) Ok, DONE

* select carseat(s) (convertible infant/toddler style; sales in
January) Thanks to my little bro, this is also DONE

* find a family doctor or pediatrician (face-to-face meeting/interview) DONE
* get shots for Hepatitis, if needed (need 6-7 months lead time before
travel) DONE

* investigate childcare, if needed DONE

* get a passport, if needed DONE

* learn about baby sign language (5-10 signs) DONE (ok, I've only got a few signs down, but we're working on it!)

* learn something about infant/toddler development DONE - I have 4 different books on it...I've even read most of them.

* learn about potential issues when adopting from China - DONE - I read up about once a month on this, but until we know what province, there's not a lot more to read up on!

* learn something about China (history, traditions, current events) - DONE, I follow a China news site, AND I read a bunch about history and fiction, as well as a LOT of China adoption books...

I'd also add:
*buy new house/find a good elementary school (oh, yeah, done that too!)

*Make new friends and be SOCIAL while you still can (I'm doing that too!!! And it's AWESOME!)

So, we've been waiting for 7 (almost 8) months...Now what?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pictures, round 2

I was called out while posting the last round of pix, so here are some more. We've got the kitchen (with Tod in it), and the "dining room", which is more a dining nook (but hey, there's a HUGE patio out those doors, so in the spring and summer it'll be 4x as big!)! And the mud/laundry room. The living room pix didn't turn out well as it was too dark. I'll try for more photos soon.
Oh, I'll leave you with the last picture: The lazy lazy Lab (lounging in the living room).

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pictures, FINALLY!

I spoke to my Mom today after about a week of no contact (I've been AWEFUL about returning phone calls this week!), and she reminded me I promised to post pictures. Now, keep in mind, the pix aren't the best, mainly b/c we're still moving in so I only took a few. I will post more this week. Here's a few for now!!!

  • Ok, the first one is our back yard. It doesn't look like much now, but it's really nice. In fact, I have raised beds for my herb and veggie garden, and we'er in the process of putting in a 3 hole mini-golf green. We already have one hole done, and #2 will be done this weekend sometime.

  • Ok, this is our kitchen. It's not easy to take a photo since it's small, but we have all new appliances, all stainless steel, and nice new granit counter tops. I love it.

  • Now for the Master BedRoom. Wow!! It's awesome. And I love the fireplace!!

  • More soon!!!!