Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My two fav pass-times....

Well, I've been UBER busy on my golf course these days; too busy to even sit in my new wonderful office. When I get home, it's ALL ABOUT the Minute Man, so blogging is like, TOTALLY out. But, I thought I'd throw a quick picture up here that I hope I haven't put up before! And even if I have, it's a great one!

Things around here are pretty good, all things considered. MM is, of course, fantastic. This child is not only ADORABLE, but really wonderful in every way. no joke. He's eating like it's going out of style, sleeping well, and talks NON-STOP. He has picked up some really cute habits like he likes to crawl into bed and pat my pillow, like he's saying "right here, Mom. Lay right here". Or he'll grab my shoes as I'm trying to get dressed in the morning and run away giggling maniacally while I chase him... ok, that one maybe isn't so cute, but trust me when I say he is a true joy.

We've had all the testies on DH; now we meet with the surgeon again soon to finalize a date for The Big Day. We are looking at either May, June, or July. This May DH and I both turn the big 33; the little man turns 2 in June, and our anniversary is in July. Big major SUCK-O for timing, but hey, when IS a good time for open heart surgery, right??

Anyway, gotta jet. I'll be back with pix soon!!!

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