Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dude now golfs...

I've taken up golf. I know, I know. I should go sip dry martinis, discuss the possible impacts of Tourre's testimony in next weeks' Senate hearings, and agonize over which new BMW I want Daddy to buy me with all my bourgeois (or is it bou-joy, Phil?) Country Club friends...

But you know what? I am going to tell you something. I love it. So there. (And, Daddy, I want the 335is Convertible in Space Gray Metallic).

And now, the Dude has gotten into it. In fact, he's pretty good (no, you can't tell that from the photos!). I've had him out on the course since before he could walk. I used to tell him he could be the next Tiger Woods. (Now I tell him he can be the next Tiger Woods but he has to keep his pants locked on.)

I am never going to be that parent that forces my kid into something just so I can say "hey, my kid went to the Olympics at age 12". But if he likes it, and he's good at it, I'll make sure he can do it! And you know what else? Tiger started at 18 months; The Minute Man is not too far off! Look out PGA Tour (in about 15 years!!)

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