Thursday, December 09, 2010

Information Gathering

Well, I hope my boss isn't reading my blog today; I have not done a LICK of work. yup. I've been gathering information. ON CHINA.

Check this out: I have been lurking on my own Blog. Going back through the "China adoption" posts. And while it does make me sad (I spend SO MUCH TIME thinking about Baby M, Dreaming about Baby M.... WANTING Baby M....), it has allowed me to get back in touch with the ol' China adoption world. (See, information!!)

I remember posting EONS ago about what our predicted MATCH DATE was: 2010-06-26.

Well, that clearly didn't happen. Here's our new prediction:

Our prediction for LID 2006-06-01

China has 9 days of dossiers to be processed before they get to your dossier. China currently processes about 5.1 days of dossiers each month.

Our best guess: 2011-01-11

Since China generally sends out referrals in a batch about once per month, your referral date could easily vary +/- one month depending on whether you just get included or just get missed in a particular batch.

Obviously - it would be more like 2012.

Now, that makes it REAL.

Or, REAL-ER, anyway.


BIg Mama said...

Just in case....I will brush up on my Chinese. Ada's family will be an inspiration.

Kathryn said...

hey! you never called me...or was i supposed to call you? anyway, i just got on forecast website for 1st time in ages, and they're through 5/29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you are literally next. didn't know your LID was 6/1. is that really it?

i'll be gone tomorrow. let's chat soon.