Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A brush with Greatness

Hey. Remember me? I've been so busy/swamped/exhausted/ etc. etc. etc. I haven't had any time to blog. I'll have lots of time in the future, 'cause it looks as though I might be switching positions and taking a new job. A regular 40 hour a week job. A straight job.... a job where I don't get to meet people like Arnie. Oh well. It's better for a lot of reasons. But that's for another day. for now, that there is the grand opening of my (ok, OUR) golf course. Whooo-hooo!


UP's mother said...

My dear, do you realize that in the not too distant future YOU will be the "celeb" that everyone wants to have their picture taken with all the time!!! (You look grand in the photo with Arnie.) You are doing such a fine job it is no wonder that you will soon have a new task. (Looking forward to more info about that). This is the reward for so many years of schooling combined with your God given brain, you use both of them so very well. I am so proud of you and just the beginning of your fruitful career.

Love and God bless.


Now is the question if I can get this message to you!! No tech me!!

Nesha said...

Miss Harriette,
You are wonderful!! AND getting more tech-savvy as I did indeed get your note. Thanks a bunch!!

Linda said...

"A Brush with Greatness" a.k.a.: A rose beside two thorns...or Nesha and 2 old white dudes. (I hope Tom doesn't read this, but of course that was only poetic license!!)